About Our Company

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World. Established in 2001 by a want to be lawyer born of a mine worker and a domestic servant. Driven by his passion to improve life quality and to make a difference in the SHERQ discipline of the Mining Industry. Though at the time it was only Safety in Mining which was challenge. It took over 10 years to build MPC into: “Your One-Stop Compliance and Conformance Professional Services Solution” powered by “Safety, Stealth, Stewardship and Precision’.

Having being founded by Mo-Emi and his three sisters, the company morphed to an extent that two of the founding members went on to run their own successful transportation businesses. It is currently jointly owned by Nelisa and Mo-E in partnership with partners and subject matter experts.

At MPC we take great pride in our human capital, boasting an enthusiastic, youthful, multinational, multiracial and multi-disciplined mix of Professionals.

We wish to see our clients sending their employees/workers, service providers and other stakeholders home to their loved ones with all their limbs still intact and their health uncompromised. We enable our clients to achieve “zero” harm to the Environment, the People and Property. Our conviction lies in the knowledge that “we do not inherit the Environment from our ancestors but borrowed it from our Children”, neither do “fingers grow on trees”. We value the duty of care and live to ensure that our clientele embrace the benefits of exercising their duty of care, diligence and responsible operation. Our services are tailored to enable our clientele to avoid unnecessary production losses and litigations due to non-conformances and non-compliance. We derive motivation from seeing our clients’ business grow and improve, while guiding them along the way.

We believe that SHERQ is intrinsically intertwined with Employment Relations and our approach is alive to the fact and acknowledgement that the labour market worldwide, fascinating as is. It is often a misunderstood and highly contested terrain with a perennial evolution. With the said evolution in mind, the workforce would often in their own right claim a “legitimate” cause on one hand and the employer would also in its own right do likewise, which usually lead to an obvious course for friction.

We are an intimate bunch who believes in personal interaction with our clients in order to establish rapport. To that effect we are available at the clients’ convenience, especially in case of emergencies like industrial action, compliance notices, Health and Safety Committee Meetings, even if it’s just to ‘give a pat on the back for encouragement’.

This is where MPC comes in to facilitate dialogue and mediate between the parties. Same holds true for Sustainable Development, where in MPC enables our clientele to go about their business with due care and appreciation of their operational impact on both flora and fauna. Employment Relations necessitates the development and enactment of new labour friendly legislation which are said to be stringent, complex and often burdensome on entrepreneurs who venture into a quest to a successful business. This then necessitated an intervention for a tailored Employment Relations solution to enable and support employers to deal with daily challenges presented by legislation, regulations and bargaining constraints.